Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No More Plug

Okay, well, it is still there, but not really! :O)
I have been wanting for LONG time to get rid of Skylar's plug! But every time I think about it, we were going somewhere, things were going on, just not a good time to stop it.
The other two were SUPER easy to get rid of it. When they were about 13 months, they got a bad cold where they couldn't breathe, so I just chucked them then and have been fine ever since! Well, Skylar has gotten some bad colds to where she can't breathe with the plug in, but you know what she does? She would stick it in her mouth and suck on it, then pull it out to catch a breath and keep doing that til she fell asleep with it half in and half out of her mouth!
I was reading somewhere that the mom would snip a little off the top of the plug until there was no more to suck and then the kid was done with it! Well, I tried that, but when I went to cut, someone gave over and gave a big hug on my legs and my hand slipped and I cut a little more than I wanted to! Opps...
I put Skylar to be at 7:20 last nite. At first she wasn't to happy with me, but she actually got over it and just kept saying mommy? Mommy? MOMMY!!!! But then she would get really quiet, then I would hear her playing with something, then it would get really quiet again! I put the other 2 to bed at 8:30 and had Kotah go upstairs to sleep in our bed until I KNEW Skylar was asleep! (If you put those 2 to bed at the same time, it is NOT fun!! They will stay up til 11 playing with each other!)
I then finished off some things, then went to check on her at 9:15 and she was dead asleep! I noticed at 8:50, it got REALLY quiet, but still didn't want to risk going in there, JUST IN CASE! I think she was hollering at me to tell me the nite light light bulb blew, so she was in total darkness! :O( I felt bad!
Today for nap I put her to bed at 1:00 and about 45 minutes later of talking/fussing/playing, she feel asleep! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She still has her blankie, I DO NOT DARE take that thing away! Not from any of the kids! :O) But so happy to be finally rid of that stupid plug!!!! I really didn't want her to have it over 15 months, but yeah, that didn't happen! She will be 2 Sept 12! (Atleast I got it done before she turned 2!!!! :oP)
I should also mention she still likes to HOLD it, but it doesn't go in mouth! Will try not giving it to her at all tonite! Need to think of something to do so she will be EXHAUSTED and go RIGHT to sleep! :O)

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Anonymous said...

Good job!!!! I was so HAPPY when we were done with binkies/plugs :) They always got so dirty....