Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Back To Normal....

... If that's possible!! LOL!!! :O)

What a week!!! My mom came out last Sunday to help with the kids since I had my teeth taken out. She was a HUGE help!!!! The kids loved having her here and so did I!
I went back to the surgeons yesterday for them to check my holes. He said whatever I was doing, I did good. Now, I just have to take the syringe thingy they gave me and squirt that over my holes with the Robitussin/Listerine mix and water. Yummy huh? (This mouth wash is kinda gross, that's the best way I can describe it. I had to wash my mouth out 2x a day with that stuff, but could NOT eat or drink ANYTHING for 30 minutes!!! I couldn't even rinse my mouth out a little. It wasn't that bad, but glad to be over that part of it!) The problem I am having now is trying to get to my top holes, it ain't happin to well!!! ;o) And it HURTS after I do it... Anyways...
I am still having problems eating, it just hurts to chew! :O After Mom's Group, I came home and fixed a pb and j and got peanut butter stuck back there, not fun!!!! Maybe I should just stick to the ice cream a couple more days?
So if you see me and I am not smiling, it's just that is hurts! :O) Or my kids are TOTALLY acting up and I am SO frustrated with them, could be either!
This week has been fun! Just trying to get back into the grove of things, but then again it's hard! I still am tired and don't feel like getting anything done!
So I guess I better stop blogging and get some more laundry done and some other things done while my kids are asleep? Or just take a nap and let it wait a little while longer? Ya know, a nap is sounding kinda nice! :O)

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