Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day Three

Another great day of VBS!!! :O)
I TOTALLY forgot to tell the kids the Big Idea for today, opps... We were having WAAY to much fun with singing songs like Father Abraham (teachers, don't ya just love me for that one?? :O)) and the Shrink song, and learning the new VBS ones! But the Big Idea for today is No One Else is Like Jesus.
All the offering we are collecting will go towards 4 chickens and some Bibles and maybe some soccer balls to kids in another country. It will be through World Vision that we give the money too. But we can pick out certain things and have them send it to a certain village. Awesome! I am so excited! I think as of yesterday we had enough for the 4 chickens!!! :O)
I finally remembered to take some pictures! I hope I remember for Friday! We will have a water balloon toss, but with some kids I can see it will turn into a water balloon WAR!!! :O) We will keep the kids in their age/grade group, that way no big kid can hurt a little one!

I just love this one of Katelyn and Miss Mindy!!!!

Grades 3-5th doing their craft, a prayer journal.

Grades K-2 doing a game after their lesson

No worries, NO ONE was harmed during VBS!!!! :O) Garrison just having some fun with Matt!

Colby, whad up? ;o)

Three year olds to Pre K doing their craft. Coloring a book of the 10 Commandments!
(Also, see the box of band-aids? They didn't get hurt, their lesson was that Jesus Heals)

I saved the best for last! Sorry Jenn, couldn't resist! :O) I know you'll get me back! :O)
A BIIIIIIIG THANK YOU to you Jenn for having this at your house and ordering everything and getting it together!!!! ;o)

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Mindy said...

GREAT pictures Mandy!!!! :) I didn't know when you had the camera out that they would end up on your blog....should've guessed. :)
Thanks for everything this week! :)