Monday, July 28, 2008

Another New Week, ALREADY?

What happened to last week? It's the end of July ALREADY? Man, where has the year gone?
Starting to think about starting the s word, school!!!! Going through and reviewing with Kotah and trying to get her more practice with reading! If she starts to read, she will be starting 1st grade!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little girl is going into 1st grade!!!!!!!!!!! She has done GREAT with everything except for the reading, it's there, but not. Make sense? She can sound out the words, but when it comes to just looking at the word and being able to sound it out in her head and say the word, not 100% there! I know once she gets it, she will GET it! :O)
Last week we had mom's group. It was at Raccoon River. I have some pic's, but will post those tomorrow. I am so far behind on EVERYTHING! We had some really good friends of ours stay with us this week-end! We had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hard to see them go, as always! But at least we have e-mail and phones we can talk to each other! ;o)
We went out to Indianola (SP?) to see the hot air balloons. We did this 2 years ago, I was HUGE prego with SKylar. NOT something I would recommend if you are any where from 7 to 9 months prego! (Which I was 2 years ago!!! :OP) It was so fun! I love watching the balloons blow up and then take off! It was so fun to watch the kids watch them! They were all pointing and then LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!! ;o) Our friends hadn't really seen anything like that before, so it was so much fun!
Sunday was church, which was so much fun as usual!!! We got to decorate frisbees!! You won't want your kids to miss a week, never know what we will learn and make!!! (Miss Lisa's class is talking about the Fruit of the Spirit! She is doing an AWESOME job! The kids LOVE her and you get to eat a piece of fruit after! I think I may just go into her class next week! My kids have remembered what they learned and what the Fruit of the Spirit is and what fruit goes with it!) We talked about how David kept his promise to Jonathan. Even though Jonathan was dead, no one knew whether David kept his promise, but he found his son and even though he was a cripple, he took care of him and let him eat at his table like one of his own sons. We talked about acting differently if their parents aren't watching, which they all admitted they do act differently! (After I asked them if I should ask their parents! :OP) Talking about making good choices no matter who's watching, it was great!
I love the Bible verse we had this month, am thinking about putting it on a big piece of poster board and keeping it up at all times! Not only at church, but at home! :O) It is from Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what it helpful for building others up according to their needs.
This next months Bible verse will be Psalm 23. I think I learned that when I was about 7 years old during VBS. I remember how hard it was, but if we could tell our teacher at the end of the week, they would give us a Snickers bar! Ok, so it wasn't that much, but I REALLY wanted that Snickers bar, and because of that, I still remember it and other bible verses. That is why I want to reward them with something if they remember the verse. I can't tell you how MANY times Bible verses that I learned when I was younger have helped me through the years! It is harder for me to remember verses now! I want to get as many verses as I can into their heads now! ;o)
Now that my little sweet adorable girls have finally fallen asleep, I think I can almost call it a nite!
I have been sooooooo tired lately! Ever since my slice and dice, it has been so hard for me to get much of anything done! I have so much to do, but will get as much done as I can when I can. So if you drop off over here, expect to see something like a war zone! ;o)
Time to go get that last load of never ending laundry out! ;o)

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