Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had a good relaxing 4th! We decided to go hit the mall and see if we could find anything on sale, and we did!!! Curt and I both got some shirts for 5 bucks!! NICE!!!!!! It's been a LOOOONG time since he or I got anything new! So it was fun to get a couple new shirts!
We then decided to go to see the fireworks. The last time we have seen them was when we still lived in MI and Kotah was not quite a year old. So it was a fun treat for the kids!! Last year we could KINDA see them over the trees by our house, but the kids were already in bed. I didn't like keeping them up so late, so we never went. Since they are a little older, we thought they would like it! Even if we only saw 5 minutes of them!
We were going to go to Raccoon River to watch them, but since the line was backed up to EP True and Grand, we decided to turn and go towards the West Des Moines Library, we pulled in and didn't think we would have a clear view because of the trees. So we drove on through towards the stadium (where the Menace were playing) and City Hall. We parked at City Hall and walked over to the grass facing the school. We were playing around with the kids and then a lady came over and gave the kids 2 packages of sparklers. So we walked over to where they were lighting them and lit them for the kids. They LOVED it!!!!!!! Skylar even held it for like 5 seconds!!! :O) Then another lady from that same party told us to just sit down on their blanket because they had PLENTY! So we sat with them. Then the fireworks started! They were RIGHT in front of us in the field next to the stadium!!! It was AWESOME!!! Skylar jumped up and sat on Curt's lap, but she warmed up and sat in her own seat! We got to see fireworks all around us! One would end and other part of town would start and where we were, we could see them! The kids thought it was so COOL that they "were allll over!!!"
All in all, it was a good day! ;o)
What did you do?

On our way to see the fireworks!!!

Playing and waiting for the fireworks!!!
Skylar attacking her daddy! ;o)

Fun with the sparklers!

Skylar JUMPED into Daddy's lap for safety!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! That is very neat that someone shared with you guys :) I love the 4th!