Monday, June 30, 2008


I went to the Oral Surgeons this morning and scheduled a time for my teeth to be sliced and diced! The doc was saying that I am "too old" for my wisdom teeth, I am like, huh? Guess when they say you don't really need those teeth they mean it! I honestly don't remember WHY we don't need them, I was to nervous to fully hear it. I mean, I heard it, but forgot! :O) He also said that I don't need to worry about nerve damage because my nerves are far enough away. Good!!! SO, I could've gone in tomorrow, but that doesn't give me enough time to find someone, my mom plans on coming out to help with the kids so Curt can take me. Then I could've gone in on the 10th, I am like, uh, oh no! That's VBS week!!! I can NOT go then, so it is for Monday, July 14th. Yippee... (That's is said/typed with sarcasm!!!)
He did make me feel really comfortable, so I am not to nervous, no wait, yes I am! ;o)

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