Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tuesday after lunch, the kids went to go play in Gavin's room and I laid on the couch to crash for alittle bit. ;o) I am about ready to shut my eyes and I hear Kotah start crying, then she starts screaming, MOMMY!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I go in his room to see his bed pushed all the way from the wall and I see Kotah's hand not moving. He has drawers under his bed, then slats of wood across it to hold a board and then the mattress (make sense?). So I go over, half out of it, and lift the board up and she pulls her hand out. She is starting to take big deep breaths like she can't catch her breath, I tell her to sit on the couch, I grab the camera ;o), and get some ice. She got her pointer, middle and ring fingers. Nice... I take a couple pics, then grab the ice. I am trying to figure out what happened and HOW? They tell me that Gavin got UNDER the bed and pushed up with his feet and Kotah stuck her fingers in there! WHY, I am NOT sure!?!?! Her fingers started to swell up, but I didn't think I needed to take her in. If they kept looking worse, than I would. But I could tape them up, same thing the doc would do! So I gave her some Tylenol and the kids went to bed for naps! When she woke up, I told her to move and bend her fingers and she could, but she said their hurt. So I gave her more ice. Went to the store the next day and got some tape and taped the pointer and middle finger together! They are a little scraped and LITTLE swollen, but she can move them just fine. She doesn't really complain about them hurting anymore! Which is good!!!
The reason I put PAYBACK in the title... After living here for 3 months, Gavin crawled or wiggled his way over to the bathroom door. Kotah was in there and she did NOT want him in there, well, as he was pulling himself up, she slammed the door shut on his pinky! Let's just say it was flatter than FLAT! It seriously looked like a piece of CHEWED gum! He was about 6 months old, and he was VERY chunky! His finger was not so chunky anymore! So we got ahold of our family doc to find out where the hospital was. Since we had just moved here, we had no idea where it was! We went to Mercy and they did some x-rays, it was a VERY slight fracture. Nothing they could do for him! To this day, his one pinky is slightly larger and fatter than the other, and a little crooked. So, I just figured it was finally payback!

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