Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Week So Far....

What a week so far!
Sunday- Kotah woke up at 3:00am from a bad dream. I went down to comfort her and then I went back upstairs and could NOT go back to sleep! Skylar wakes up at 5:00am and NOT about to go back to sleep! She bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the day! Me, not so much! I finally get out of bed at 6:15 to get a shower. Go to church, teach, stop off at Target to get a couple MUCH needed food items, come home, fix yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, put the kids to bed, watch a movie with Curt, fix dinner..... I made pb and j for lunch because we still didn't have hardly anything in our new frig! :O) But I made up with it, a little, at supper and made Curt lasagna. Well, I didn't have any meat, and it called for Parmesan cheese, also something I didn't have, so I just used the cheddar cheese that I had. So, I guess I kinda made it up! ;o)
Monday- Kids were really bad, NOTHING worked as far as to get them to listen! They spent a lot of time in time outs!!!!
Tuesday- Curt leaves to go get his boss, Gary, from the airport, and as I am eating my breakfast, and English muffin, I bite into something hard. I am like great, now I need to write the company and tell them something was in my muffin! Then I am like, did I chip a tooth? But it was a big piece, so I am like, nope, don't feel anything. Wait a minute, all the way in the back, my top left wisdom tooth is missing the top half. GRRR............ I call Curt, he tells me to find a dentist, something we don't have out here! I haven't been to the dentist for 13 years. Yes, I said years... Know why? When I was younger, I had to have about 3 or 4 teeth pulled before I could get my braces. Well they gave me gas before the shot, and I was coming out of both things and I felt them pull the last molar! I screamed, and so that is why I pretty much REFUSE to go. I knew I had to or it would get MUCH worse! So I find one that our insurance takes and can get me in this week, not next.... Thursday, the dreaded day....... So after about 15 minutes of me missing part a tooth, I realize, it is starting to hurt... So the rest of the day was kinda long. I fixed the kids some lunch and just crash on the couch. The kids were playing pretty good together, so figured I could relax a little! HA!!!!!!! (will post another blog about that!) Made it through the rest of the nite ok, I think! :O) I guess so since we are still alive!
Wednesday- Went to the store to get a couple of food items, again, then went over to Angela's house to play with the kids. Ate lunch, then came home. I did a super fast job of cleaning and picking things up and what I didn't get picked up, I threw in our room. ;o) Gary, Curt's boss was coming over for supper.
Thursday- DREADED DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW what they were going to tell me! After I got my braced off, went to the dentist for a cleaning, and they told me that when my wisdom teeth started coming in, I would need to have them cut out. My mouth is to small for those teeth! (I KNOW some family members are laughing at that one! Mandy's mouth TOO SMALL!?!?! LOL) So when they started coming in, they didn't bug me, so I didn't go. Well, until Tuesday they weren't bugging me. By this time, I lost the other half of my tooth. Yippee Skippee.... I went to the dentist, SUPER nervous!!! Ok, the last time I had x-rays done on my mouth, they just gave you the thingy to bite on, then they were down. I go into the x-ray room, and see some plastic huge things out, I am thinking, WHAT are you going to do with those things? After 4 x-rays, I had had it. Needed to something else, my gag reflex not so great! But got all but one done. Oh, did I mention she took 14? WHY that many? Don't know! So, good news, the only place I have any cavities is my wisdom teeth that get to be pulled! I was sooo happy to hear that!!!! :O) The doc told me, well, you do need your teeth to be cut out, like you thought, and all 4 of them have cavities. BUT you don't have anything else wrong! No other cavities! SWEET!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to hear that! I was like yes, no cavities! He said, no wait, you do, but I am like, no you don't understand, they have to come out! Give me some good news and let me roll with it before I REALLY realize what's going on!! :O) Where I went, they don't have the laughing gas, so he said they could give me a shot in my mouth to relax me then they would have to cut around my gums, and cut the teeth in half on a couple of them. I am like, whoo, back the horsey up, I HAVE to be knocked out! If it was one, fine, but 4, no way! I am still dreading it, but I know it has to be done and my mouth will feel MUCH better! I knew I had cavities in my wisdom teeth, but they never hurt, so never went. My mouth is so small, I can NOT get my tooth brush back there. I MAY be able to get a kids size one, but not so sure about that. My gums are over some of the wisdom teeth. My mouth hurts even more from the stupid x-rays and them poking the mirror to see it! Oh well.... I'll survive! So, I will call the place they referred me tomorrow and see what they say and how soon I can get in!
So, long story, that's how the week's been!
OH, almost forgot the best news! :OP Curt FINALLY got a speeding ticket!!!!!!!!!!! He has a fuzz buster, but an airplane got him! Can you believe that? He keeps saying that mine was more, but I keep telling him that I WASN'T SPEEDING, He WAS!!!!!!!!!! ;o)
So... let's see what tomorrow brings... ;o)

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Anonymous said...

oh mandy, I have to admit I am giggling right now through your post! I am so sorry you had a rough week--I totally HEAR you on that!!!! :) I hope your wisdom teeth get pulled with as little pain/trouble as possible...