Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heritage Carousel

I decided to get out this morning and take the kids over to the Carousel. I got an e-mail saying that it was buy one get one free there today! Can't beat that huh? ;o) I mean, it is only 50 cents per kid to ride..... So it's not like it was a fortune! :O)
I packed some pb and j and pretzels and some water in a bag and we left. We ate, then took our rides. Kotah started freaking out (you will see in the 1st pic!)!!! She was worried it was going to go too fast! I said it will not go fast. I guess she didn't remember it from last year. Gavin was all smiles and ready to go! Skylar was not to sure what to think! She was happy, yet worried because I was standing next to her, so she had no idea what was going on! Try to explain a carousel to a 20 month old! :O)
It was a bad morning... I knew that they needed to get out! I needed to get out and get some fresh air! Didn't want them in our yard, a little wet and muddy. Although Gavin did get muddy at the park. I was walking back to the van to put our bag of water and trash in the van and Gavin and Kotah we walking in the grass going to the sidewalk to get in line. Gavin ran through the mud!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!! Of course, the one time I don't have any wipes, nothing! So I took them back to the van and got out the water bottle and tissue and cleaned up his leg and flip flop as best as I could! He got it over his back, but not his shorts! Still trying to figure out how that happened! :O)
There was also a lady from Des Moines Register there. She came over and asked me what the "little one's name". I said which one? ;oP She pointed to Skylar, so I gave her the name and her age. She said she got a couple of pic's of her. So... will see if she's in the paper! (of all days to go out with out makeup and looking SOOOO very tired!! OH WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OP)

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