Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Went to the store this morning to get a couple of fresh things for supper tonite. Of course, it is raining, no DOWN POURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gavin decided he wanted to wear his goggles so his eyes "won't get wet". As soon as we set foot in Wal-Mart, we got the stares, then the laughs as people walked by my goggle boy! :O) Then one older lady came up and said, it's a good thing you are wearing your goggles, it's raining really hard huh? Gavin says, yeah, my eyes didn't get wet, but my goggles did! She started laughing! Then another lady said, oh I like your goggles! He just looked at her like, you can't have them!
(He is taking a nap right now, or so I THINK he is, he is being quiet anyways... So will get a pic of him and his goggles up here later!)

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