Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

This is what Dakotah and Gavin made for daddy in Miss Lisa's class Sunday! TOO CUTE!!!!!!! (Lisa, if you don't mind, could I steal this idea for one week for my kids in class? ;o))

The kids LOVED making these and kept saying, yep, Miss Lisa said we could pick out 2 pieces of gum, 2 life saders, and what were those other candies called? The red gum is kinda hot and spicy though. But I thought daddy would like that one! :O) I got a white kind too mom!
Miss Becki had to help put them together too, she was in our class this week! She's AWESOME mom!!!! :O)

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little mama said...

It's not called stealing ideas, just sharing, right?! You totally can use it!! It will be easier for your kids to put them together themselves :) I hope we can share more ideas, like that popcorn box idea. You should look on the Oriental Trading website, they have these little popcorn containers with popcorn bubble gum in them. I think I'll share your idea and get those to give out to the new kids in my class!!!!