Monday, June 9, 2008


Where do I start?
Sunday we realized our frig died and have NOO idea when! Won't even tell you what we lost!! :O( I got in the frig early Sunday morning to get out the fruit that I cut up for the breakfast bar, and the milk for the kids. But since we had Food Court Fellowship, I didn't need to get in there for lunch. I went into the freezer to get out some meat for Taco Salad and realized my meat was already COMPLETELY de-thawed! I was like oh ok, then I am like, no wait a minute! The ice cream I did have in my frig/freezer was completely separated!!!! I was able to get the rest of my meat out and cook it, and put it in my deep freezer downstairs. We finished eating, gave the leftover fruit to the neighbors and put a movie in for the kids and got to work!! I cooked the meat and Curt took the remaining food to the trash! :O( I got out the cheese, milk and eggs. Pretty much everything is GONE!!!!!!!!!! I put all my apple butter that I made in the freezer as well! (anybody want some? ;o)) Let's just say that the canned biscuits, I had 3 of them, 2 of them were popped open!
So, here's another problem. Those of you who have seen my kitchen know that it is SMALL. Our frig is small, and there are cabinets all around. The size that we now have, they don't make anymore!! AHH!!!!!!!!!! We can go even smaller, like 4 inches all around smaller. (It may not seem small to you, but it is!!!!!!) Or we can go bigger. Problem with going bigger, we need to knock out some of my precious cabinet space! SO......... This is what we decided to do. I have one big long cabinet beside my frig that hold spices and cake mixes, flour, sugar, etc... Then there is one smaller one on top of that. Then over my frig there are 2 connected. They are all separate, THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!! (BUMMER, I was REALLY looking forward to KNOCKING something out!!!!!!!!!!!! :OP) Since our problem is our height, we decided to take out the 2 cabinets on top of our frig and go for a taller frig. The width will be fine. I have my Gramma's china out in a cabinet and kept thinking that I need to pack them back up and put them downstairs, but just haven't taken the time to do so. So, guess what I get to do? ;o)
And to top it off, which I am not really complaining, we have had streams of water in our basement! NOT like others in our church, so no complaining, but it is just so frustrating! Trying to clean up the water downstairs, then finding out your frig DIED!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully my mom gave me a really small one. Her work remodeled and she got the little frig and gave it to us! I have NOOOOO idea what I would do if I didn't have that!!! So, in our little frig, I have cheese, milk and eggs. Not much of anything else! I also have a small chest freezer and put the cooked meat in there. So... That's been our excitement this week so far!
Oh man, it is only MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lori Eilers said...

Soooo sorry, that is a major bummer. Hey to the kids for me!