Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Don't They Go to Church?

On the way to church Sunday, before pulling into the mall, Gavin asked me, hey mom? Where are those people going? Why aren't they going to church? I said, I dunno bubby. Some people don't know who God is. He then asks, why not? Why don't they go to church? (Ok, this in my 3 year old, nose picker, son talking here. I am wondering where is this coming from? I also check the mirror to make sure he isn't picking his nose! :OP) I said, well, some people don't love God like we do and some people are mad at God.
He seemed satisfied with that answer, but could see his wheels still turning and processing all the info!
Just couldn't believe that he would start up a conversation about that! :O) My kids never cease to amaze me and how much they really understand!

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