Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm BACK!!

I never really left, but have either been too sick, or too busy to post anything!!!
Wow, May already? Where has the time gone? Some days it seems to DRAAAG but others it goes by so fast!
Gavin got Fifths Disease a while ago, then when we were past the whole being contagious part, Skylar and I both got it! Oh my, I got ALLL the symptoms! It was bad! One whole day I was on the couch, ALLLL day!!!! Thankfully Curt wasn't out of town that day! I had the fever and chills, head-ache, and MAJOR backache! It was bad! I broke out in a small rash then too, not as bad as Gavin, as you can see! Skylar got a slight rash as well! But it didn't slow her down ANY!

These pictures don't really do it any justice! I called my doc to see how long the rash could or would last, and the nurse told me it could last any where from 6 to 14 days!!!! AHHH!!!!!! I seriously started crying on the phone! Then she tried to reassure me that it could only last 6 days, but I told her, you don't understand, he has it EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! After about 10 days it was almost all gone! But we managed and we are all still alive!


angelasustala said...

ooohhhh - hearing about it on the phone is one thing...seeing pictures is another entirely! Poor baby ... and poor mommy. I sure wish I could have been of some help to you sickly folks!
I hope everyone stays well now!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't fifth's disease horrible? Landon got it so bad, poor guy :( I got the joint pain, fever, and headaches too. We will just all hope that with this warm weather there will be no more sickness!!