Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Princess Skylar

This is how we went to Target the other day! Got quite a few looks!!! Also, there was a little boy about her age walking through the card isle with his mom. I could hear that she had to keep putting the cards away as this little boy was pulling them out! He was running out of the isle as we came down, and he just stopped DEAD!!!! (He was also wearing a CUTE little fleece hat and no coat!) He took one look at Skylar and just SMILED!!!!!!!! He said Hi... Skylar just looked at him and grinned, then we kept walking! It was toooo cute!!!! The fact that this little boy was just running and grabbing things, then saw a "princess" (as his mom said), he just STOPPED! Oh boy, it's starting already, and she is only 19 months!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

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