Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This child had 2 pbj the other day!! I gave her one, then she wanted more, so I fixed a piece of bread and just folded it in half. Gavin only ate half of his, so Curt put it on his plate for Kotah to eat when she finished what she had. Skylar was sitting on Curt's lap and saw the sandwich, she was like "Ease". So Curt cut the half in half to make 1/4. She pretty much STUFFED the whole thing in her mouth, and before any of us could say anything, she had the other 1/4 in her hands and almost gone! I should've gotten a pic of Kotah's face! She was looking forward to that sandwich, but Skylar got it!!!! Can't believe she ate 2 pbj's!!!!! She has been eating more, which is GREAT!!! Still no cooked veggies, but getting better with meats and other things! YIPPEE!! :O)

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