Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Little Helper

Tuesday nite I made the kids some bagel pizza's that look liked caterpillars by the time I was done. You add olives to make the spots and pretzels for the antenna's.
Anyways... It was also bath/shower nite. Kotah was done, so I took her upstairs to help her in the shower, and left Gavin and Skylar downstairs to finish eating. I heard Skylar fussing and Gavin yelling, KYLAR"S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to hurry with Kotah, but the next thing I heard was the gate. I am like oh no, what did he do? I went to peek down the stairs and see Skylar at the bottom of the gate, out of her booster seat and looking around trying to figure out the gate! Here Gavin unbuckled Skylar, washed her hands with the rag, and then put the gate up so she wouldn't come upstairs! HOW SWEET!!!
Bad thing was, he really didn't clean her hands off. After I came down when Kotah was done, I saw pizza sauce alllllll over my wall and gate!!! Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?
That's the first time Gavin has done anything like that, too sweet! :O) I also didn't know that he could undo the buckle! I also don't know if he helped her down, or if she just hopped down???

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