Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Count Down...

Okay, so maybe I am making it seem harder then it really is! :O) Tuesday was not much better than Monday, oh, maybe about 50%!! :O) Atleast no more falling down the stairs! :O)
I was in bed early, but could NOT sleep, Skylar woke up around 1:45 so I went down and figured out what she needed. Then Gavin came up, I don't remember what time, and ended up sleeping in bed with me. He must've been dreaming because he was tossing and turning like CRAZY!! He also managed to whack me in the head and scratch under my eye. It is bruised inside, because all day I couldn't hardly laugh or smile with out it hurting! Plus woke up with a head ache from the whack. Curt called in the morning because he didn't get to talk to them Monday nite, so he was trying to help me out by calling really quick in the morning. I had taken a shower and was dressed when he called, but then I couldn't find Gavin. I heard him in the girls room but didn't see him! The girls were still asleep, then I looked under the bed and heard him. I said Gavin, come here, daddy wants to talk to you. He said no, I want a candy. I am like get out here. He said but I want a candy! I said what are you talking about? Here he had gotten into Curt's mints that are in a plastic container, grabbed them, ran to the girls room, and hid under the bunk bed. He had already had one maybe 2. I said, what are you doing? I thought it was a little funny that he went to go hide in their room! I guess I found him to quickly whenever he had something that he wasn't supposed to have, he would hide under his blanket in his bed.. Hmm.. Wonder where he is? ;o) So, that is how we started the morning...
But we made it through the day though! It was also movie nite, so we had Alivn and the Chipmunks for them to watch. Got them in bed and watched a movie myself! ;o)
Today, it's been a little better. Got some school done with Kotah and then went over to the Browns to play! It was sooo nice! The kids had a BLAST!!! Kotah was MAD at me for telling her to pick up so we could leave!!! ;o(
Not sure Curt is going to want to come home! Wish I was out there with him!!! :O) I can't wait to see all the pictures to go with these stories he is telling me! ;o)

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