Thursday, March 20, 2008

Veggie Roll Up

I've been looking through my kid "friendly" cookbooks to find some easy and yummy recipes for the kids for lunch. I am tired of giving them the same old stuff every other day. I ran across on in my Pampered Chef one that I thought looked good. I also knew that Gavin and Kotah would like it too. You take a flour tortilla spread cream cheese one (Which I didn't have, so I didn't do...) then take a piece of lettuce, put that one, then sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese over that, then chop up some carrots and broccoli, sprinkle that one as well, then drizzle some ranch dressing over it and then roll it up! YUMMY!!!!!! Before I gave Dakotah hers, I took a bite out of it, then let Skylar try one to see if she would eat it. She gobbled it up! So I thought, why not, make one for her and see if she eats it. I made it up and helped her hold it and she ate the WHOLE thing!!!!!! This is coming from the little stubborn child who will NOT eat ANY type of veggie that is out there! I kid you not!!! I about fell over when she kept going for more!!! Guess what I am going to be making more of? ;o)
Gavin and Kotah LOVED it as well! They thought it was a very yummy different taco! ;o)

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