Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nose Pecker? Huh?

Does the title have you curious? ;o) The other day Curt took the kids outside to the neighbors to get some lost mail, long story short, on the way back up the drive way Kotah heard something. Curt told her it was a Wood Pecker. Then they found it. Kotah later told me they heard a Nose Pecker and got to see it on the tree. Not sure where she got the nose part? ;o) Was she and Gavin picking their noses when Curt told them? Hmm...
Then today on a walk she heard another one, she yelled out "MOM, DO YOU HEAR THAT NOSE PECKER?" Of course there were about 5 other people out that heard her and they alllllll were DYING laughing! So I yelled back, IT IS A WOOD PECKER AND YES I HEAR IT!!! :O)

Where do kids come up with these things? ;o)

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