Thursday, March 20, 2008

The End of the Aquarium

At the end of the aquarium they had this little pool of string rays and bamboo sharks to pet. They were all very safe to touch. They encouraged you to stick your hand in there! :O) Skylar was all for it!!! :O) Gavin and Kotah, not so much! They would stick their hands in there, but then would pull it out when they saw one coming! When we went back later that nite, we got a chance to feed the sting rays. We got Gavin to feed one, but then he wouldn't touch one again, or stick his hand in the water! I actually touched them and fed one! What a weird feeling that was! They feel like moss and when you feed them, it feels like a vacuum cleaner. They suck the food right out of your hand! (Of course, I had to touch a shrimp, wasn't too sure about that, I am not so much into fish and worms.. I have a boy, I know, better get used to it! :O)) I didn't get the "full" vacuum cleaner sucking effect, but got enough! It was weird! But fun!!!! Kotah still didn't touch one. I got Gavin to touch one, we flung a web at one, but in order to do that, we had to stick our hands in the water, so I took his hand and SHOVED it in the water! He loved it!!! But he wanted me to do it with him every time after that! I even got him to touch the bamboo shark! Those are kinda rough, a little bit like sand paper, but yet kinda soft. Gavin was so excited that he touched the shark, he went over to the guy that was working there and said I TOUCHED A SHARK!!!!! The guy said give me five, and he gave him a sticker that said I touched a shark! It was too cute!!! The guy knew and saw we were trying to get the kids to touch them, so when one of them actually touched the rays and shark, he was excited for them! :O) The only reason we went back that nite was because Kotah was crying on the way back to the hotel, saying she wanted to touch the sting ray. We knew that even if we went back she wouldn't touch it, but thought, why not? It was only 10 minutes from the hotel. So, we went back, and she didn't touch them. Oh well... Maybe next time?

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