Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Soy Milk Here We Come!!!

I never thought I would see the day when I would have to switch over to soy milk, well, atleast for one of my kids. More and more I am thinking, and realizing this is probably just a food allergy that is just now starting to reveal itself! I kept thinking today about how many different kinds of formula I went through with Skylar to find the right one. Soy formula was actaully my next option, then she was fine. When I go to the store on Friday, I am going to buy some Soy milk and see if they have some soy yogurt (I am sure they do, right?) and totally switch that over for 3 to 4 days. See if that clears up the rash and if it does, then whoo hoo, I am actually right!!! :O) BUT if it doesn't, I am back to square one, yet again! Oh, another reason I am thinking it isn't asthma, wouldn't it be worse when she is laying down or running and playing and not after she gets done eating? Hmm...
Anybody else gone through this?? Pointers anybody??? ;o) I am sooo open to any options!!!! I just don't want to have to use the nebulizer unless I REALLY need to! It isn't worth the fight! I don't like medicine unless I REALLY have to use it. Obviously if she gets really bad, I will bring that sucker out and use it, but if she just wheezes a little and is done, do I really need to use it? So confusing! :o


angelasustala said...

I've so walked this road ... Jake was diagnosed with ashthma before a year old. He and Jordan both have an intolerance to dairy (doesn't have to be a true allergy to wreak havoc!!).
My best advice is chiropractics - my preference is Applied Kinesiology (but there are other really good approaches) - AND avoiding cow dairy and SUGAR!
I also like the book "How to Raise a Healthy Child...in Spite of Your Doctor" by Dr. Mendohlson (a pediatrician!).
I'll be praying for God's direction and discernment!

Dara said...

I know this is hard - but i would also say try chiropractic care. This is amazing - i know my guy has helped TONS of kids with asthma. He has a whole board of pictures of him, with all the kids he has treated. He takes insurance which is a blessing, and every time I have a migraine, after I go get an adjustment - i am better in thirty minutes, and I am talking Puking sick migraines.
I will pray that you figure it out!
I know what you mean not wanting to use meds if you don't have to- i am right behind you there.