Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick Of Being SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's this I see out my window tonite? SNOW??? AGAIN?!?!?! COME ON!!!!!!!
For the last 4 weeks (yes, you read right, I said F-O-U-R), Skylar has been sick. One of those weeks, Kotah was sick, then Gavin, and Curt and I as well. So at one point and time, we were all sick! I got the kids into the doc 2 Fridays ago, I think... I didn't need to take Dakotah, she was pretty much over hers, and I had some med's for her that were working!!! The doc told me that Gavin had an ear infection, kinda figured that. This poor kid has had his share of ear infections!!! So he gave me some amox for him. He also told me that when a child takes any kind of blow to the head, his immune system is WAY down and he can pick up any type of virus or infection that is out there. So.... Since he had that nice black eye, could be the reason, or it could be that his name is Gavin and he likes to get ear infections! I dunno! So he said he wanted to see him in 10 days. Then he got to Skylar. I am thinking, just give me something for her cough and runny nose so I can get outta here!!! He listened to her and said that she is in the beginning stages of asthma. I am like what? Didn't expect to hear that!!! So he said he would prescribe a liquid medicince to give her everytime she was wheezy, but ONLY when she was wheezy. So we finally pack up and make another appointment in 10 days for Gavin and out to door to Target to get the prescriptions filled. I drop them off, go back in 20 minutes all to find out that they won't fill Skylars. I am like why? They said she was too young. I am left standing there, now what am I going to do? I just figured I would get the medicine, give it to her and be done. So after many more phone calls that day, we get the nebulizer. Go back after supper to get the "solution" to put in it. Come home and give it a try. So sits still for the first three days that she really needs it. She also figured out how to put her tongue into the mouth piece and make a really funny noise and make a super slobbery mess! So I decided to take it apart and just have the mist blowing in her face. Better than nothin right? I did it a couple more times, but it wasn't worth the fight. Go back to the doc today with Gavin and Skylar (Skylar too so I can talk to the doc about the whole nebulizer!) We get in there the student doc checks him out, says his left ear is still pretty red. Then the doc comes and takes one look in his ear and says that we need to give him some Augmention. Guess what? We get to do BACK in another 10 days to see if this clears it up!!!!!! Then I ask about the nebulizer and get that whole mess cleared up. (We were paying it month to month, come to find out, it should be ours to keep with no month to month payment!) So tonite I give the kids tortialls with cheese in the middle. Skylar starts wheezing (not bad, but a little) after eating. Then I go to take her clothes off for a bath and see a nice little rash all over her belly and a little on her hands. I was kinda thinking that this asthma may be due to a food allergy, I was also thinking milk. She seemed to wheeze more when she was drinking milk. I just figured it was due to the cold and cough that I so thought she had! So I will start writing down what she ate and if she was wheezy afterward and when I take Gavin back to the doc, I will take Skylar again and talk about a food allergy. But I need to figure out if it is milk or if this is just asthma and it will pass. Who knows?

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