Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I was in Skylar and Dakotah's room getting ready to put Skylar down. The kids are all out in the living room, being good! :O) Before I come out of the room, I hear Kotah saying, Skylar, you want to pray before bed? I hear an Uh-huh. So I go out in the living room and see Gavin sitting in Skylar's chair, Skylar sitting in the bucket of books, and Kotah on the floor. They all have their hands folded and are praying. Kotah said, Dear God, (you can hear Skylar mumbling something, I think she was trying to copy her big sister!!) Please help Skylar get a good nite sleep and to obey mommy tomorrow! In Jesus name, AMEN! I then go and get Skylar and she still has her hands folded, so we pray on our way to her room, I say AMEN, she says A!! Then she says Nigh. It was the sweetest thing! We do devo's with the kids before bed and then they pray then Curt or I will pray. I never thought to start praying with Skylar, but my dear little 5 year old has started something new! :O)

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