Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Did Mommy

Last nite after the kids had been down and supposed to be asleep for an hour, I hear Gavin kinda crying. I go down and ask what is wrong. He said he was did mommy. I could NOT understand him for the LIFE of me!!!! I said, ok, we will figure this all out tomorrow, go to sleep. He said, no mommy. Tell me Jesus with me and help me not to be scared! The light bulb turns on FINALLY!!! He was trying to tell me he was scared! Poor guy, I felt bad that I couldn't understand him!!! So I then tell him, it is ok, there is nothing to be scared of because Jesus is right here with you! I said a prayer with him. He was ok then! But another 1 hour passed and I heard him crying, but before I could get to him, he was up and in our bed with me! I still don't know what scared him, but he slept in bed with me til 5:00am. Boy was I tired this morning!! Atleast he slept in til 7:15! (That doesn't mean I got to sleep in that late!! Ever sleep in the same bed with a hyper active almost 3 year old who doesn't even slow down in his sleep??? ;o))

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