Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel Fast

I am so excited to be doing this! I want to give it a try. At first I kept asking myself and God, what is the difference? I did the whole detox diet where I ate nothing except salad, fruit and veggies and the detox tea for a week, ok, had my one pepsi a day too. But I really didn't notice anything different. I kept hearing God telling me, trust Me, I will show you why you are to do this! So, I am super excited. Kinda preparing myself already. I haven't had a pepsi for 5 days, don't even really like the taste of one. Whoa, what did I just say, I didn't really LIKE the taste of it? Man, never thought I'd see the day! :O) Plus, I am doing yoga everyday. I like to do yoga, just not into the whole close your eyes, cleanse your body, pray to this so and so... No way, but what I do for that whole hour is pray. I didn't ever think I could pray for a whole hour, but I did! I feel GREAT! Today is the 1st day that I ate salad and fruit, water and did the yoga and did my normal devos. I haven't even started the Daniel Fast and am really looking forward to what God has in store for me.
(Okay, so I had a mint chocolate chip milkshake tonite! Have to eat it now!! :O))

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Jena said...

Mandy, I totally know what you mean about yoga! I am in love with it, but I think people get carried away with honoring different [wrong] spirits, etc. I do exactly what you do. I think it is such a great way to spend time with God and get a good workout!