Friday, January 25, 2008

Buzz and Woody

The kids and I went to the mall for the mall walking "life group". It is sooo much fun, if you haven't done it, try it!!! ;o) It is Kotah's PE class!!! ;o)
We got home, barely made it up the driveway, it was slick!!! :O Then I started doing some school with Kotah. It was going good, well, for the first 5 minutes, then Skylar and Gavin were at it! I could tell that I wasn't going to get anywhere with Kotah, so I was just getting ready to say, forget it, let's just play and read some books, then there was a knock on our kitchen door. I went to get it and here was Miss Jena! She came to drop off some clothes and pj's for Gavin and some toys for the kids. Guess what kind of toys were in the bag? Gavin LOVES Toy Story!!!! Jena told me at the mall that Eli doesn't play with the Buzz and Woody doll, I am sorry, "action figure toy", so she mentioned giving them to Gavin and Eli was all for it! How sweet is that? ;o) Gavin had soooooo much fun playing with those toys today! He carried them everywhere in the house!! If you've seen Toy Story, he is JUST like Andy!!!! :O) Since he was so busy playing with those toys and sharing (yep, actually sharing them!!) with Skylar, it bought me another 20 minutes to do some more school work with Kotah!!!
Thank you sooooooo much Jena for those toys! The kids LOVE them and as you can see by the pic's Gavin L-O-V-E-S his!!!!!!! He thanked you guys over and over today for them!! Kotah and Skylar love the dolls too!!!!! Kotah is sleeping with hers! :O)
Thanks again Miss Jena!!!!

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