Friday, January 11, 2008

Bible Case

The kids and I went to Wal-Mart 2 days ago to get some food for the week-end, not only am I making the breakfast bar items, I am making dinner for Ryan and Jana, plus having friends from MI coming!!! :O) Anyways...
There is usually this one cashier that I always go to if she is working. She is SUPER friendly to me and the kids. Dakotah started chating away, here is what it was. ;o)
Kotah: I went to Grandma Cecil's house for Christmas and got a Bible cover...
Cashier: Wow, that's cool! I wish I had a Bible cover for my Bible! It needs one!
(Me thinking, hmm, this could be interesting...)
Kotah: Yeah, you should get one. But see, I don't have a Bible for my Bible yet. My mom put it away so it won't get ruined before I get my Bible. I get one when I turn 6, Aug 21st. My mom says I will get one then.
Me: Well, I said we will TRY to get you on for your Birthday, maybe sooner, I don't know!
Cashier: Does your church not hand out Bibles?
Me: No.
Cashier: (She went on to explain when and why they hand out Bibles)
Me: Oh, that's cool.
Kotah: I really like Pastor Kevin.
Me: We go to Jordan Creek Family, it just meets right up here at the movie theater. It is really cool!
Cashier: Do you accept special needs children?
Me: Oh yes! We actually have a family that has a 7 yr old with Downs. We take anybody that wants to come!
Cashier: That's really good to know! My sister has a child who is autistic and the church they used to go to, the pastor decided that they can no longer come because of their daughter!
Me: That's is horrible!
Cashier: What ever happened to the verse Let the little children come to Me? My parents who had been going to that church for over 30 years stopped going because of that!
Me: (Handing her the little bulletin insert) Here is a little paper, there is a website if you want to check it out, or just come Sunday! We loved to see you.
Cashier: Thanks. I just think your kids are the cutest, most well behaved kids! I love talking with them when you come through my line!
(Me thinking, wow, does she really remember me??? How many different people does she check out each day??? My kids, being good, LOL!!!!!!!)

Then I needed to go because I was way past paying for my stuff, and other people waiting in line. When I got home I was thinking about what had happened. Did God have this all set up, I mean, EVERY TIME I went to Wal-Mart, I would go to this lady just because of her being so nice and friendly! Did He know from the start that I needed to keep going to this lady's line? What also got me is how the whole thing started. Out of the mouth of babes!!! I was telling my mom about it, and she thought that is was so cool! I am not one to go up and be like hey, do you go to church anywhere? I mean, if I wasn't a Christian and somebody did that to me, I would be like uh, get away. So I just thought that it was so cool how it started and how it ended! We will see if she or her fam comes and if they don't, well, I can keep going through her line and keep praying for them!


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That is so awesome!!!!

Jenn said...

Great story, its amazing how kids can start the work we are all called to do, good thing you had your hand out. Pastor Josh would be very proud of you, :)