Saturday, December 1, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Well it is up!! We got our tree up and decorated today!!! The kids kept asking us when we were going to put up our tree, so I made a little tree out of construction paper and then made some ornaments with a number on it and had a count down of when we would put it up! The kids loved that idea! :O) So when they were taking their naps, I brought all the stuff up and put the lights on it so it would be ready to go when they woke up! It was sooo much fun to decorate it, well, watch Gavin and Kotah decorate it!!! They had about 4 or 5 ornaments on one branch!!!!!!! So after they were all done, I moved a couple of them so the tree wouldn't fall over!! :O) I think this is the 1st year that I really didn't put any ornaments up, I just got them out of the box and watched the kids put them up!! I did put a couple of the breakable ones up high. I think they had fun!!! Skylar woke up from her nap and I brought her downstairs and her eyes lit up and she kept saying wow, wow!!! Then she starting pointing up at the angel! It was soo cute!!!! We will see if she follows in her brothers footsteps from last year. Last year Gavin took an ornament off the tree, he then stood back about 5 feet then chucked it to the tree to see if it would stay! Nine times out of ten, it did... ;o) But so far so good!
One day down, now just 23 more days of them asking when Jesus' birthday is!!! :O)

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