Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To IN....

Well, I need to get going, but wanted to write this real fast! The kids and I are on our way (Well, after I am done writing this we will be on our way! :O)) to IN. Grandma is barely hanging on. They said she is taking like 8 breaths every minute, so I think that is about a breath every 8 seconds. It has gotten worse than it was last nite. The Hospice is telling the family it will be sometime today. So, I just decided that since we don't have really anything much going on here this week, that I would just go ahead and head on out that way. Curt will be coming from KS, and it will be just in time for the viewing. I want to be back here for Sunday, so I thought it would be easier on the kids (and me!!!) if we left now, that way it wouldn't seem like we were in the car all the time! I am thinking we will get to IN around mid-nite, and maybe a little later depending on how many stops I will have to take with them! :O)
Please keep the family in your prayers! We really appreciate it!!!
Will keep you all posted.

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