Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ok, so I am little late with this post! :O)

The first snowfall can either be and very happy or very traumatic experience in this house. This first snowfall was a very happy experience!!! We were one of the stupid people to go out to Target the nite before Thanksgiving, but we were out to buy boots! The kids boots were just one size tooo small!! I thought I bought them a little big last year, I guess they grew a little too much this last year! Last year the first snow fall was a little traumatic, it didn't stick!!!! ;o( So they didn't get to play in it! NOT GOOD!!!!!! Try to explain to a then 4 and1 1/2 year old why it stopped snowing!!! So this year they both said Keep it snowing God, PLEASE KEEP snowing!!!!!!! God answered their prayers!! So yesterday I took them outside for about 25 minutes! We went sledding on our hill and I took a little fall. Ok, a big fall! I am laughing soo hard right now! Only because I can see myself falling from the neighbors perspective. ;o) I slipped on a piece of ice in the yard (which was hidden UNDER the fresh snow!!) helping the kids with the sled and down I go, foot in the air, butt on the ground and big bang to the head! NICE!!! I still have a slight head ache, but we are all ok! I let them go down our hill 2 more times, then decided we needed to get in and get them to bed! :O) (I'll post some pic's of them on the sled later! I can even post a pic of my foot in the air!!!!! ;o)) If you ever want to come over when there's some fresh snow, come over to have a fun time on our hill!! Both the front and back yard works GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

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