Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sloppy Taco

Ever had one? ;o) Last week-end when my cousins came to visit us, I pulled some sloppy joe meat out of the freezer to have for lunch. I had 2 different bags of it in my freezer, so I pulled them both so I knew I would have enough. I got them all mixed up in the pan to re-heat and then tasted it to see if it was hot. When I opened the lid, I smelled a mixture of taco meat and sloppy joe meat... Hmm.... So I tasted it and sure enough, I mixed the 2 meats together! I didn't label the bags before I put them in the freezer, mistake #1!!! I was like oh man, now what am I going to do??? So I just put more taco seasoning in it and then we ended up having tacos. They all kept teasing me that they were having sloppy tacos, ever have one? Then they would ask, man, this tastes good, how do you make it? I am NEVER going to live that one done!!!! YEARS from now it will STILL be brought up! Oh well... I am going to label all taco and sloppy joe meat that gets put in the freezer from now on!!!
Then last nite I made a fresh batch of sloppy joes and Curt asked me if it was sloppy tacos! I am like uh, no! :o)

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