Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home Again

Well, I think we are home to stay!! No more traveling anytime soon for me! We will go back to IN the day after Christmas, but other than that... :O)
Thank you all for your prayers!!! Thank you JCFC for the BEAUTIFUL flowers you sent to the funeral home!!! (I took some pic's, will post those later.)
The kids are happy to be back home! I am not 100% sure how much they understood about Great Grandma. I tried to explain it... But ya never know! I tried to tell them that Great Grandma is all better and having a party with Jesus. They thought that was kinda funny! :O) A party with Jesus? Plus they heard Curt's mom saying to other people that she is dancing with the angels and they thought that was really funny! (Can you dance with the angels? ;o))
Lots of people were saying they were sorry to hear for our loss, but ya know what? It wasn't a loss, we know where she is, it is just a good-bye until we can see her again!
Thanks again!!!

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