Monday, November 19, 2007


I forgot to post this... ;o)
A couple of weeks ago, I was upstairs just getting out of the shower and Kotah comes running up, MOM, MOM!!! I am like what? She said, Gavin got into the tape!! I said ok, just give me a minute. I am thinking, what can he do with tape? Then the more I thought about it, the more I thought I better get down there. So I throw my hair up in a towel grab my robe, then bolt down the stairs! Here is Gavin, sitting on the kitchen floor with scotch tape and packaging tape wrapped allllll around his ankles and legs. I take one look at him and start laughing! He looks at me and says, I Tuck mom! I am thinking maybe I should just leave him like that so I can go get dressed. Maybe by the time I get back (which would only be like 5 minutes!!!!!) he may be out. But then I decide I should just cut him free. I told Curt about it and he asked where the pic was. I said I didn't know where the camera was, I thought it was upstairs and didn't feel like going up to get it! I have the feeling though, that he very well may do it again! So, I'll keep waiting and watching! :O)

Another time I noticed he had some whiteish stuff on his toe nails, and even after a shower it would NOT come off! I am raking my brain TRYING to figure out what it is! After a week, I figure out what it is! Any guesses? I had some of that crazy glue that is in a bottle with a small brush, yep, you guessed it! He was "painting" his toes with it! When I asked him if he used his bottle to paint his toes, he said yes. I said honey, you could've glued your toes together! He just looked at me and smiled!!!!
What am I gonna do with my little BOY!!!!! :O) Yet again I will say, NEVER a dull moment in the Cecil house!!! :O)

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