Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Fall

This whole falling on the ice is really getting to me now! I woke up with a head ache and then my neck is super sore and my whole body is super stiff and I am SOOOO tired!!!!!!!!!!! :oP Curt was teasing me and then said, what did you get whip lash? I said yes, I really think I did, a little... The more I think about it, the more I remember that I REALLY hit my head and hard! I also remember it bouncing off the ground... So... Hopefully one more nite of good sleep will get me back to myself tomorrow! We've got church and then we will go get our piano tomorrow! :O) I made all kinds of goodies for tomorrow morning for our breakfast "bar" at church. I made banana chocolate chip bread, pumpkin bread, lemon poppy seed mini muffins, mini apple muffins, and then I just mixed up some home made granola and made home made granola bars. YUMMY!!! Hope they all like it!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your fall :( Your pumpkin bread was AWESOME on Sunday!!

Mindy said...

best apple strusel muffins ever!!!! :)