Monday, November 5, 2007


The other day at lunch time Dakotah asked when Great Grandma was going home. We've been telling the kids that Great Grandma has cancer in her tummy and the doc's can't get it out. But she will get to see and live with Jesus real soon! So then Dakotah asks where heaven is and still somewhat confused as to why she won't be able to see her at her house. After a while Gavin pipes up and says, "I get band-aid for great grandma and kiss it. I make it all better!" I said I am sorry honey, but a band aid won't work this time. He then says Great grandma see Jesus soon? I said yes. I have noooo idea how much of this they understand!!! But I thought it was sweet that Gavin wanted to give her a band aid and make it all better!

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