Friday, October 26, 2007

Where Do I Begin?

What a week! It has been crazy!!! It also seems that Amy Main and I have the same problem with our girls! Except mine is 5 who thinks she is 16. My biggest problem with Dakotah is her lying. Last nite was the last straw!!! She told a nice lie that got her brother in trouble, the problem was, as all lies are, he didn't do anything!! She told me that he was spitting his banana out all over the place and that he dumped his milk on purpose! I was downstairs at the time, I came up, I didn't see any banana anywhere! That SHOULD have tipped me off, but I was soo tired, I didn't think anything about it. I did see the milk all over the table though. Some on the floor! :O) So I basically told Gavin to get his little butt in the bathroom, take off your clothes, go pee, get your pj's on and you are going to bed! Since they had been at each other throats all day, then more so after supper, I had had it with them! I told them before going downstairs that if they were not good eating their banana snack and milk, I would take it away and they would go STRAIGHT to bed!!! So after Dakotah told me all that, that was it. He was done, and off to bed. Gavin hangs his head and busts his butt into the bathroom, I clean up the mess. I then go into the bathroom and decide I probably should ask him what happened. I asked him if he dumped his milk on purpose all over the table. He looks at me with those cute big blue eyes and shakes his head no. I then ask him if he accidentally dumped or split his milk, he shakes his head yes. (By his actions, I know he isn't lying) I then see Dakotah standing behind him and the look on her face, man! She was busted and she IMMEDIATELY said she was sorry! (Did I mention that she has been lying a LOT to us lately? We've been spanking, but that has NOT fazed her one bit! I HAD to try something else!!!!!!! I don't know if this is the right thing for her...) I said, you lied to me? She said yes, I am sorry. So then yeah... I apologized to Gavin and explained how sorry I was, then gave him his snack back and some milk. Then I scolded Dakotah and then explained that if she was to lie or talk back or throw a fit again, I would start to take her toys away one by one. I should have started last nite, but I was to tired to even think about it! So today I honestly don't remember what she did, but her books (her LOVE) are all gone! She threw a little bit of a fit, then asked if she could get them back tomorrow. I said we will have to see. Then she was fine, she even found a couple more books and gave them to me! I was like, um, you are supposed to be mad about this, not helping me find all your books and be happy to give them to me! UGH!!!!! So, tonite was a little better. We had supper, and Curt went to take Devon to go see a movie, I put a movie in for the kids, then off to bed. We shall see what happens tomorrow, I have a feeling that her room will be looking a LOT like Lisi's! (unfortunately!!!) I don't know what else to do! I've been praying for wisdom on raising the kids and what to do, but I dunno!!!! I pray I have the strength to fight this! I am to tired and worn out right now!!!

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