Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a Day!!!

What a day! I woke up with a head-ache, yippeee! ;o The kids were playing so nice, all 3 of them, so I decided to crash on the couch after they were fed and dressed. I got up and played with them and read them some books, got my shower, then it was time for lunch. Got them to bed, did my devo's, then blogged, and low and behold, they all woke up! NICE!! Not really, because that meant they had only about one and half hours worth of sleep! For my kids, that is NOT enough! For Kotah, that is ok, but not the other 2!! We then put some of the laundry away that did get done and folded, then I decided since it was so nice out to go find the Pumpkin Patch at Howell Greenhouse. I saw they closed at 5:00, thinking, no biggie, we can at least go out and check it out! We got there at 4:00 and left at 5:50, got home at 6:10. They were still taking people out to the patch when we got back from the patch at 5:45, wow!!! Will have to go back and play next time! The kids LOVED it!!! They loved being able to go and pick their own pumpkins! They picked some nice small ones. ;o) Then we were getting on the tractor again and Dakotah saw some gourds, she said what are these? So I said gourds. She said oh, can we get one? I noticed on a sign on a wagon that they were like 65 cents, so I was like if you can carry it, because I can't with Sklyar and her pumpkin! She said YEP, I CAN!! So she carried her pumpkin, her gourd and Skylar's gourd, because Skylar had to have one too! Gavin was carrying his pumpkin and gourd, because he couldn't be left out too! If I had my camera, I would have taken some pics, but I left it in the car! :( Will have to go back so I can get some pic's!!! :O) When we got home, I fixed them some yummy pb and j's sandwiches with applesauce. Then we went downstairs to watch Meet the Robinsons. From what I saw (which wasn't a whole lot) it looked pretty decent. The kids like it. i did see the part that had a dinosaur in it and that is alll Gavin talked about! I think it was in there for about 5 minutes, but that is all he remembered about the movie! ;o)
I now need to go and finish the laundry that I didn't get done and get the dishwasher started! (Man, what would I do if I didn't have a dishwasher?? Don't even want to think about it!!!!)


angelasustala said...

SO fun! Howell's is really beautiful!
Sounds like a FULL day ... gotta love those!
I'm praying your headaches ease up! Its so hard to be a mom when you don't feel good.

TheMumm5 said...

Sounds like you ARE a busy mommy!! We are thinking about heading to Howell's this weekend...:)