Monday, October 8, 2007

LARRY BOY!!!!!!!

Saturday we got to go see Larry Boy at Family Christian Stores! The kids loved it, well, ok, so maybe love it a strong word! They were both kinda afraid of him! Skylar was the only one looking up at him and had this "wow, look at that huge thing" look on her face! Too cute! We tried to get him to give him a high five, stand next to him, nothing worked! So I held him and Jenn took a pic for us! :O) Daktoah stood next to him, but was like, don't touch me! :O) We left, and the questions started!
Gavin: Mom, why Larry Boy not talk?
Me: His throat hurt so he couldn't talk! (I was trying to think of something fast, give me some credit!! :O))
Gavin: He had hands mom?
Me: Yes, he had hands.
Gavin: And feet? He walked mom.
Me: Yes honey, he was walking.
Gavin: Why Larry Boy not fly?
Me: Well honey, he would break lots of things if he flew in the store.
Dakotah: Well, he could fly outside!
Me: (Thinking, ok how am I gonna do this one?) Well, he wanted to be able to see all the kids that come, so he didn't want to fly off and miss them!
Dakotah and Gavin: OH!!!!
This is a conversation that we have MANY times during the day!!!! AHHH!!!!!! Bob and Larry will be there in a couple of weeks, and I am beginning to think that we may just stay home! I am not ready to deal with more questions!! :O)
(For those of you who have never seen a Veggie Tales, well, you HAVE to go see one! TOO FUNNY!! BUT, they have no arms or legs, they just hop, so seeing one with legs and arms.... Yeah... And they talk on the videos, why didn't they talk to them???)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, funny!! You did some good thinking on your toes, mom :)