Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It stuck mommy!!!

The kids and I were downstairs watching a movie, well I was reading a book, but they were watching the movie. Anyways... ;o) Gavin came over to me and I THOUGHT he was just showing me that he could get his fingers in the ball, I said oh that's cool! Then he said no mommy, it stuck. So I carefully pulled on a finger to try and get it out and this look of pain crossed his face. So I start to laugh and we go upstairs to operate on it. I grab the scissors and the camera, take a couple pics, then work on getting the thing off. Curt helped hold his hand still, so I cut all the way around it so only half the ball was left, then the phone rings, I go to get it and by the time I get back, his fingers were free!!! I made sure I don't have anymore of those balls!!! He USED to be able to get his little fingers in and out of those balls a-ok, but not anymore!!!!

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