Monday, October 15, 2007

Catch Up

Wow, it's been a little since I've blogged!!! Last week was just a little crazy for me! Curt left Sunday nite to go to KS for the week. I woke up EVERYDAY with a migraine!! YUCK!!!! I REALLY wanted to go to mom's group on Tuesday, but of course, that was the worse day for all of my migraines! :O( Last Sunday we had Todd and Amy over for lunch. It was nice to get to know them a little better! Monday was Amy's b-day, so I made an ice cream cake for her, except it was strawberry and vanilla ice cream instead of the chocolate and vanilla. It stilled turned out pretty good!!!
I was pretty proud of the kids last week! I told them on Tuesday that I wasn't feeling so good, that they needed to be really good so mommy could lay down. Kotah asked, do you have another headache mom? I said yes honey. She said I sorry. How sweet! :O) They played so nice that morning I was able to sleep a little and was feeling a little better by lunch time. I hate waking up with a headache/migraine! It just doesn't start the day off to well!
Curt got home on Wednesday, then was gone a little on Thursday. Then his parents came late Thursday nite! I didn't tell the kids that they were coming. Some things were going on in the church, and they weren't sure if they would be able to come, so I didn't want to tell them that they were coming, and then something happen that they couldn't. So I was reading them their devo for the nite and in walked Grandma, and Kotah was TRYING to sit still and listen, she looked up and said Mom, Grandma is here. Then she started to listen a little again, then I said, well, go say hi. So she JUMPED off the couch to go give her hug! Then Gavin realized that they were here and took off as well! ;o) We had a great visit with them! Just wish they could've stayed longer!!!! (That's the truth George!!! :O) or else I would not have made the carrot cake!!!!) Now this week, Curt left tonite to go to KS again. Hopefully no headaches this week! I could live with out those suckers! :O

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