Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Answer to Prayer

Remember me asking you all to pray for Joe Keller who was in a serious car accident? This is an update on how he is doing. He is Ankeny at On With Life, I think that what it is called. He is doing so well! It is so awesome to see how God is healing him! This family has NOT given up and are continuing to pray for him and encouraging him! Even when the docs said there was no chance of him getting this far, yeah, I think God has other plans! (Justin is his twin brother who wrote this)

Joe has had a great few days recently. Last week as you know he had started walking on the parallel bars...this week it's off the bars and out into the hallway! Monday afternoon he started using just a four-prong cane to walk! The phyical therapist still needs to help him keep his balance, but he is advance both legs wonderfully! Today we walked over 300 ft with just the cane! He was pretty worn out afterwards, but I think it felt really good for him to be up on his feet! It's always good to get out of that wheelchair for a while! This afternoon they are going to be getting him a regular wheelchair without the headrest. This means he will have to start propelling the chair himself at times...that will help strengthen his legs! We have also noticed more movement from his right hand! Usually when he wakes up he actually lifts his right arm up and stretches and you can even see his fingers stretching out. He also clenched his right hand into a fist! Keep praying for that right hand! The right leg is doing marvelous and we know God is able to catch that right hand and arm up with the rest of his body! In speech therapy he has been doing better at identifying pictures and even matching the words with their picture! Joe continues to use more and more words's wonderful to hear him trying to make sentences! Music Therapy has helped a lot can tell he definately enjoys that time. Jaime's parents are going to bring Joe's trombone over the next time they come so that we can see if maybe he can start playing that! Occupational therapy has been busy helping him learn how to dress himself with just one arm! He has done an excellent job on shirts, and can take them off and put them on without any help. They just started on the pants today and he did a very good job on those with minimal help. The trickiest things are socks! Ever tried putting a sock on with just one hand?...he gets pretty frustrated...but today he was able to get one of them on! He was pretty happy when he finally got it on! He has been eating really really well. He usually eats 100% just about every meal. He has been eating so well that they have stopped using the feeding tube! He has actually started putting a few pounds back on also which is really great! They are still going to keep the tube in for a while, but eventually that last tube will come on out...we can't wait! I'm sure there is more that's going on, but wow it seems like he progresses so quickly that it's tough to keep up! God has truly been amazing and just continues to work each and every day! Everybody can see the power of God through such a willing vessel! Keep your prayers up and we'll keep you updated as often as we can! I hope you are all continuing to pray for Renn as well! Oh and to all of you Univ. of Iowa Hospital nurses, we are heading back your way on Oct. 25th!...maybe if you get a break or get some time you can sneak in and see Joe...I'm sure he'd love to see you all! God is good...ALL the time! -Justin Keller

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angelasustala said...

What awesome answers to prayer! God is SO good!