Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ad I

The subject really should say bad guy. We are speaking Gavin language now! :O)
Last Tuesday we went over to Jena's house, we had sooo much fun!! Kotah and Gavin are STILL talking about it!!! Gavin was the ad i, and Kotah was Bible Man and Eli was Spider man! The kids are asking when they can come over and when they can play with him again! They were super excited to see them at mom's group this morning!!!! Thanks for the great visit Jena! (Don't worry about Sklyar's mouth, she's a tough girl! ;o) The bang in the table helped loosen the skin so the tooth will come in!! Which it is... ;o)) I guess I should explain, the kids were up in Eli's room playing and Jena, the girls and I were downstairs talking. Skylar was just walking, well, wobbling, around and the next thing I know, she hit the coffee table and was crying, well, BAWLING! I am looking all over for blood and see no sign of it, the she pulls out her fingers that were in her mouth and Jena said, oh, there's blood! (Not in a gross sort of way, but oh my, I am soooo sorry way). So she hit her upper gum where the tooth comes in, luckily it hadn't or else, I don't think there wold be a tooth because of the way she hit it! BUT, she broke the skin and alas, there's a tooth coming in! Or, atleast the skin is broken! :O) (I am just glad she didn't get any blood on their BEAUTIFUL carpet or furniture!!!!! Don't worry about the bump Jena, it's gonna happen MANY more times!!!! :O))

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Jena said...

I am so glad shes doing okay! Thanks for the wonderful visit...Eli can't stop talking about it! He loves having friends over :)