Thursday, September 6, 2007

What day is it?

Man, I REALLY hate those fast trips! I am so confused! I can not seem to remember what day it is, and am really tired! I guess I should be taking a nap since the kids are, but have way to much to do to try and catch up! Went and got some groceries this morning and on to another store to see if I could find something for Curt for our anniversary! I won't say where I went, but will post a blog about that trip AFTER our anniversary!! :O) Curt reads these, so yeah.... Let's just say it was fun! :O Curt is in Waterloo today, will be back in just enough time to eat some supper, then on to band practice. Tomorrow he will be in Davenport, Moline, back home that evening. Then church and baptism Sunday, then he leaves Monday morning and will be home either Wednesday or Thursday. Our anniversary is Sunday, Skylar's 1st b-day is the 12th, I think that is a Wednesday? I am going to try to plan a party for her on that Saturday, and in the meantime, start school on Monday, and mom's group on Tuesday. So, if I seem a little out of it anytime you guys see me, you will understand why! :O) Maybe I should fix some coffee, but the way I am right now, I will need to drink the whole pot!!!!! :O) Oh, I also need to think of something to fix or get for his store re-lo here in town the 20th and 21st! I need stuff for about 30 people! I know one of meal, just need 2 more!!!! Does it ever end?
While in IN, made Gavin take a nap on Tuesday after we ate a late lunch. He was ALMOST asleep when I left him.... Well, I guess I should say we all slept in one tiny room because Curt's brother and his wife and 4 kids were there as well.... So, in our room is our bags and my make up bag, shampoo.... Do you see where this is going? I went to go check on Gavin, and there is this smell as you open the door, he basically emptied my hand sanitizer. GONE!!! Then I look at his face, he has purple eye liner on, foundation on certain spots of his face, not to mention the pillowcase and blanket.... Then all the q-tips are out of the container... My tooth brush was SOAKING wet!!!! Yeah, that went RIGHT in the trash can! His mouth kinda smelled like hand sanitizer, and so did my tooth brush, YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked pretty funny, but wasn't all that fun to clean up! His bruise on his face looked pretty good, was he trying to cover it up maybe? So he got a shower, then changed the blanket on the floor for a clean one, and let's just say, he went RIGHT to sleep!!!! Oh, did I say that my foundation was brand spanking new, along with the eyeliner? Once your child gets a hold of your new make up, it's not so new.... Curt was like, you left all that stuff in there, why? I said he was basically asleep! But yeah... Anyways... I KNEW something was going to happen! It had been a week since the butt powder episode, so it was due time for something else! I didn't get any pictures, sorry! I was in to much of a hurry to get him cleaned up!! It was quite funny though! :O)

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