Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swiss Valley

Does anybody (or know of anyone) that saves the caps from the Swiss Valley milk containers? I went to SAM's today and that is the only kind that they have, I happened to notice that the cap said, 5 cents for school. I figured it was like the box top, but never heard of it! I will probably be getting more, so if you or somebody you know saves them, let me know!! I'd be happy to pass them on! :O)
ALSO, if your school is NOT saving box tops, can you send them my way? ;o) The school where I worked at in IN (Also Curt's dad's church) saves them. They use the money that they get from them to pay off bills, or get some extra playground equipment. I think right now they are trying to raise some money to get some new carpet!!!! So, if you think about it, tear them off, along with the Campbell's soup labels. BUT if you already save them for your school, that's cool! :O)

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