Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sitting in the Pastor's office...

Hee hee hee.... I am sitting in George's office writing this, feel kinda weird using his computer! :O) Sorry George!!!
We are leaving today to come home. We will go see Grandma one more time before we leave. Last nite she wasn't as perky as she was earlier that day. The nurse told her she needed to eat some lunch, so she finally decided on spaghetti and coffee, which after eating ice cream or nothing at all, that's a praise! We told her she needed to eat atleast 6 bites, she wasn't so sure she could handle that! I said but it could be Dakotah or Gavin or Sklyar size bites! So she promised she would eat the 6 bites, and she did! Dakotah was thrilled that she kept her promise!! :O) So I guess we shall see how she is doing this morning!
Will let you all know when we get home!!!

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