Thursday, September 6, 2007

Praise the Lord!!

Grandma was able to go to a nursing home today!!!! Well, it is like a rehab/nursing home. We went to go see her today before we left, and she looked extremely tired! She said that she ate a grilled cheese and unsweetened applesauce, she was her old self and said it would've been MUCH better if it was sweetened, but she said she ate it anyways!!! She about fell asleep introducing us to the Physical Therapist. I am surprised that she was having a hard time staying awake when he was in the room! She was saying yesterday that when he was in there, she was dancing with him before she got in her chair! Her daughters kept saying he was cute, so she would do whatever he told her, they were right! :O) Anyways... He came in and that was are cue to hit the road. Other than being really tired, she looked good. I am sure she is BEAT tonite after having been moved, but that is great that she got to move!! Curt and I really didn't think it would be this soon that she could be moved! Will keep you posted on how she is doing! Thank you all for all of your prayers! Much appreciated!!!
Another good note, the guy that I was telling you about, Joe Keller, is doing very well!!! He got moved to another room!!! His wife was saying that he doesn't do all the commands that they tell him, but that is because they come in at 6 in the morning, turn on all the lights and expect him to do everything they tell him, after waking him up like that, I don't think so! His head is also kinda going to the right, but they thin that is because of the stroke, but with physical therapy, his neck should get stronger. He really isn't completely out of the coma yet... Keep praying for his family and that he continues to get stronger!!!
Must get to bed now, been a long day in the car, and have LOTS of catch up to do tomorrow, well, today I guess!!

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angelasustala said...

So glad you guys made it back - what a quick trip.