Monday, September 10, 2007

Note to self # 1

Okay, so the kids and I went to Guitar Center Thursday to get his anniversary present! NOTE TO SELF,
It was a trip let me tell you! Guitar's everywhere that a little boy can reach and try to play and get each and EVERYONE down!!!!!!He SERIOUSLY touched each and every one of them that he could! He tried to get to others as well!! (I have to give him credit though, he STAYED with me, but was just touching EVERYTHING!!!!) I walked in there and was greeted, then walked towards the back and then decided since I had NOOO idea what I was looking for, I better just ask! So I found somebody and said I am looking for a bass guitar amp. He was like, ok, how much? I said let me see what you have! :O) So he showed me and I said ok, I'll take that one, thinking I could get it pay for it and leave. Yeah, that was NOT the case! He was already helping someone and didn't tell me til I was standing in line for 10 minutes, may not seem like a long time to you, but I had already been to the grocery store, the kids did NOT want to wait any longer! So FINALLY after another 15 minutes of waiting, the kid that greeted me at the door came over and asked if I had any questions or if I was ready to check out, I said, check out please!! I think he came over because he didn't want any merchandise broken. ;o) So he checked me out and I left, he was very nice and carried the amp, cord and guitar strap out for me, so they got one point for that, but the service not so hot!
While I was waiting in line I told the kids to go pick out a strap for Curt's guitar. I said it needs to match his blue and white guitar, ok? They are like ok mom. So they walked over and Dakotah comes over to me with a BRIGHT pink fuzzy one, I said, uh, honey, daddy needs to like it too. She said, oh ok. So they walk back over and put it back and come back with another one, Elvis, I said, uh NO! Try again guys. Third time is a charm, they brought over a black strap with blue lightning on it! I said ok, that will work. When I told Curt about the fuzzy one, he said we should've gotten it, maybe for his birthday if I want to brave taking them all in there again!!! (Don't get your hopes up for the pink one hon!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so feeling you on this one!! After my last trip to the grocery store with all three kids--I have sworn it off for at least the next 3 years. And Jon and I are sticking to delivery or take-out for "eating out" with the kids :)