Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(Yes, I can, but this is about Dakotah!)
Went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday to see what kind of step 1 readers they had. I found a couple for Dakotah and got one for Gavin, no, I don't expect him to be reading just yet! :O) Anyways... Dakotah and I were reading it last nite and I was pointing to the word as I was reading it, and some of the words she read before I did!!!! I was sooooooo happy and proud of her!!!! :O) So all before bed, she kept saying, I can read mommy! I can READ!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! Gavin kept looking at her like, big deal. It was to funny!

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amain said...

Isabella is that same stage, and I am lovin' it! She is so proud~ as well she should be!~ and I am having so much fun watching her learn. These are some really great years:)