Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sunday morning, we walked in to church and were greeted by Jenn Adair. We talked a little, then she said, uh, yeah, I got a call from you. I said, oh yeah? Umm, I was programming our new phones and I accidentally hit call, but it didn't even ring.... She said, no, I was talking to Gavin. She said that she heard Dakotah singing in the background, Gavin on the phone. She asked where mommy was, and he said upstairs (which was true, I was folding laundry). Then she said, go get her, he was like, uh, no. Then she asked where daddy was, he said upstairs (True again, he was doing some work e-mails!!!). I am not sure how the call ended, but she did hear him pushing buttons, which would explain why there was an extra 20 some numbers at the end of their number!!!!! UGH!!!! Can't leave that boy alone for NOTHING!!!!!! I guess I should give him credit though, he was just checking out the new phones, they are cool, right? He hasn't messed with them since!! I am also thankful he didn't call 911, we'd be in BIG trouble if he did that!!!!! Gotta love my kids.... They sure keep my on my toes! ;o)


Dara said...

Colin once called 911 when he was fascinated with the phone - it was right as he turned 2 - we didn't even know he had called - they called right back - we let them know it was our baby - they still had to come and check everything out - so embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

This is just funny!!! LOL!!